17 Feb

In a significant development, the Government of Nepal has announced key appointments to prominent institutions, garnering warm congratulations from Kirat Rai Yaokkha Japan. The esteemed appointees are as follows:

Nepal Pragya Pratishthan:

1.Chancellor - Bhupal Rai

2.Pragya - Rajan Mukarung Rai

3.Pragya - Sumitra Rai

4.Pragya - Dr. Taramani Rai

Institute of Fine Arts:

1.Chancellor - Naradamuni Rai

2.Pragya - Sanjay Vantava Rai

3.Pragya - Chandrakumar Rai

Music and Drama Institute:

1.Vice Chancellor - Shambhu Rai

2.Pragya - Dr. Kirat Rai

3.Pragya - Radha Rai

4.Pragya - Kala Rai

5.Pragya - Bhishan Mukarung Rai

6.Pragya - Tikaram Rai

Kirat Rai Yaokkha Japan extends its heartfelt best wishes to all the distinguished appointees. May their tenure be marked by success and contributions to the cultural and educational landscape of Nepal. 

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