19 Dec

                Source: Public 4K Tv News

Tokyo,Japan: On December 17th, in Chiba prefecture Funbashi, Japan, the Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan hosted its second historic convention, attended by representatives from Japan and various regional committees. The grand event was organized in the presence of prominent figures, including Jeevan Hatacho, President of Kirat Rai yayokkha Nepal, who joined virtually, and Sanjib Rai, who chaired the organizing committee of the convention.

Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan

With 23 members selected for the executive committee under the leadership of Sanjib Rai, the convention marked a significant milestone in strengthening ties within the Kirat Rai community both locally and globally. The convention not only served as a platform for cultural exchange but also highlighted the community's commitment to preserving its heritage and fostering unity among its members.

Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan

The convention's agenda encompassed a range of topics, from socio-economic development to cultural preservation, reflecting the community's multifaceted interests and aspirations. As the Kirat Rai community continues to thrive and expand its influence, such gatherings play a pivotal role in shaping its collective identity and promoting solidarity among its members worldwide.

Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan
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