01 Dec

Kirat Rai Yaokkha, Japan's " Second Joint Convention" will be held on Sunday, December 17th at Funabashi City Kinro Simin Center Hall from 1:00 p.m. onwards.

Established in 2013, Kirat Rai Yaokkha, Japan has been working with various organizations since its inception to promote and promote the language, script, costumes, religion, rituals, and culture of the Kirat Rai.

Kirat Rai Yaokkha, which has regional committees in various prefecture of Japan, is going to hold the convention for the second time with the participation of the regions of Japan.

The organizer Kirat Rai Yaokkha, Japan has invited all the Kirats living in Japan, non-Kirat Nepali brothers and sisters living in Japan to make the historic convention a success.

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