21 Aug

In a collaborative effort between the Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities Japan(NEFIN Japan) and the Embassy of Nepal at Meguro Kumin Hall in Tokyo witnessed a remarkable celebration. Kirat Rai Yaokkha, representing Japan, showcased a vibrant tableau and performed the traditional Sakela dance at this joint project. Their captivating presentation served as a cultural ambassadorship, offering a profound introduction to Nepali heritage and traditions. This event unfolded on the occasion of the 29th World Indigenous Day, bringing together diverse cultures in a celebration of global indigenous communities.

Under the chairmanship of Nefin Japan President Sukman Thing Tamang, the official program was conducted. Japanese citizen and former minister, MP Motoyuki Odachi, played a significant role. The event was orchestrated by Deputy Head of the Nepali Embassy in Tokyo, Ambika Joshi, and Secretary General of Nefin Japan, Durga Bahadur Subedi, who welcomed everyone with warm words.

In the program, in addition to honoring various personalities who have provided direct and indirect support for the rights of indigenous peoples in Japan, certificates of appreciation were collectively handed over to the artists who presented various tableaus and dances.

In December 1994, the slogan of the World Indigenous Peoples' Day, as passed by the United Nations General Assembly, and the slogan of the Center in Nepal this year were different.

This year, the Federation of Nepal celebrated the day by setting the national slogan: "Let's participate in the tribal movement to ensure identity and rights, protect ancestral land, language and culture while promoting traditional knowledge." However, the main slogan was not included in the main banner of the program held in Japan.

There has been criticism on social networks that there is no sign of the day in which the speaker was not allowed to speak in the program, focusing on topics such as contemporary tribal issues, province naming, and the Teku incident.

However, while voices were being raised in the parliament in Nepal that the Nepalese government should organize the World Tribal Day, in Japan, Muktakantha was praised by the participants for the first time in the presence of the diplomatic mission of the Nepalese government.

Various social organizations and tribal and non-tribal personalities actively participated in the program held on Sunday, August 20th.

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