KIRAT RAI YAYOKKHA JAPAN, TOKYO   is a social organization of the Rai people, an indigenous ethnic group of Nepal that has been established in 2013 (2069 B.S.) in Japan with a chairmanship of Mr. Sukra Rai. The word "Kirat" describes the ancient tribes of Nepal, while "Rai" is the name of one of the Kirat ethnic groups. Rai are the native or indigenous people of east Nepal.The mission of Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan, Tokyo is to maintain social integrity and acquire equality and justice by protecting, preserving and promoting distinct social and cultural identity and linguistic diversity of Kirat Rai.

Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan, Tokyo is a non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization and it is one of the branch based in Japan and has been supporting the People of the immigrant kirat community in various fields including social work, cultural programs,consulation etc. for the past one decade and also moving forward by co-ordinating with various non-profit and governmental organization based in Japan. We promise to continue such remarkable activities with good motive and inspiration in upcoming days.