Message from KRY Japan, Tokyo Founder

          I want to extend a greetings to all of the Kirat Rai community's elders, friends, and brothers and sisters in Japan.I want to publicly thank the Kirat Rai yayokkha Japan team for creating its own website with the goal of preserving our culture, identity, and leadership for future generations. Once more, congratulations to the team! It's an impressive accomplishment, and I urge you to continue the excellent effort.

It was essential to establish an organization of Rai community around the year 2001/02 because a number of Rai people were least and hardly found than other castes of people in Japan whereas their organizations were already formed and had already run fully support to their communities in their language, culture ,problems , illness and other job search. I started to think, "Why don't we also advance our organization?" Our population is growing, and more people are getting into accidents, fall ill unexpectedly and need to go to the hospital, lose their jobs due to language barriers, and end up jobless.It was common news coming frequently through one or the other means. Since I was an older, more seasoned person in Japan, everyone looked to me for assistance. In those days, analog mobile phones were only being started.

As a result, it was simpler for us to communicate with our friends, but we were unable to have open discussions because not everyone had a mobile phone and because they were expensive. Lately, social media such as hi5 and Skype was introduced, but it wasn't as simple because not everyone could use it. As much as I could, I began to increase contact. Unfortunately, it became much simpler to communicate after social media like Facebook and Viber emerged. Many people in our community were working in restaurants and attending school up to that moment, and they were located all across Okinawa and Hokkaido.We formed kirat Rai yayokkha and acquired acquaintances at that time by utilizing Facebook and Viber.

Together with our community's brothers and sisters, let's establish our group, just like other caste organizations, and let's responsibly address the issue in the neighborhood. Through Messenger and Viber, it has evolved into a forum for discussion by everybody.And in 2013, "Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan Branch" was established in Tokyo in response to everyone's advice, ensuring that Kirat Rai Yayokkha's Nepali-based central office would remain the organization's headquarters.

Finally, I send my best wishes for health and wealth to all the Kirat Rai brothers & sisters in Japan.

Founding Chairman

Mr. Sukra Rai

KRY Japan,Tokyo