25 Dec

Karan Rai has become the winner of the fourth season of 'The Voice of Nepal'. In the grand finale held today, he received a cash prize of Rs. 25 lakhs.

Karan Rai voice of Nepal

Karan competed from Team Raju. Sabina Yonghang Limbu from Team Rajesh Group was declared the first runner-up.

Yogesh Magar from Team Pramod was declared the second runner-up. Shail Limbu became the third runner-up from Team Prawisha. It is said that the winner was declared based on the votes of the audience.

Karan, who became the winner, received Pulsar N160 motorbike, two and a half tola gold Sikri, Galaxy Z Fold Fan along with cash of 2.5 lakhs. The grand finale was grand and interesting where the talents who made it to the final 11 performed songs. After winning, Karan said that he will work hard to continue his musical career.

Likewise, the live stream of the grand finale of Voice of Nepal Season 4 amassed its record for the number of viewers. As shown, the live program attracted over 2.5 lakh viewers as they saw off the competition for this season.

"In a jubilant gesture of support and celebration, Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan sends warm congratulations to Karan Rai for his spectacular victory in 'The Voice of Nepal.' The organization expressed immense pride as Karan Rai emerged triumphant in the highly acclaimed franchise show, marking a momentous achievement for Nepal on the global stage.

The heartfelt message underscores the unity and joy shared among the Kirat Rai community as they applaud Karan Rai's success in the music realm, showcasing talent that resonates far beyond borders."

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