24 May

Kirat Rai Yaokkha Japan celebrated Sakela Ubhauli successfully in Tokyo and various place within Japan.The Rai community who came to Japan from different districts of Nepal have completed the Sakela Ubhauli greeting program at Hachimancho Park of khaimaru in Kanagawa and Nagoya in May 22nd(Sun).

Kirat Rai yayokkha Japan

The program started with Pitri Puja to Prakriti Mata with the popular Sakela dance of Rai community by the elders of Rai community. In the program held under the chief hospitality of Sanjiv Rai, President of Nepal Tribal Tribes Federation of Japan, Om Gurung, Deputy General Secretary of NRNA ICC, Special Guest, Shiva Prasad Paudel, President of NRNA Japan, Pemba Sherpa, President of Nepali Society Japan, and other personalities of various organizations greeted the event and danced. It was completed. In the second stage of the program, various Sakela dances within the Rai caste were performed.

Ubhauli Japan


Ubhauli Japan
Ubhauli Tokyo

The Rai community and the Non-Rai community who attended the Sakela program were thoroughly entertained by dancing the Sakela. On the same occasion, NRNA honored ICC Deputy Secretary General Om Gurung, President of NRNA Japan Shib Prasad Paudel, Shant Pahari of Matrisandesh.com, Pemba Sherpa, President of Nepali Society Japan and others.

The official program held under the chairmanship of Binod Rai was welcomed by General Secretary Sudan Rai and conducted by Pramila Rai.

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