27 Mar

The 5th convention of Kirat Rai Yaokkha Japan was completed on Sunday at Shinokubo Solmari  Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The convention elected a new working committee of 18 members under the chairmanship of Binod Rai (Enuhang). The new working committee formed under the chairmanship of Binod Rai (Enuhang) has been elected as vice-presidents: Deepen Rai, Pramila Rai and as general secretary, Sudan Rai and as secretaries: Rajanti Sampang Rai, Gagan Singh Rai.

Kirat Rai Yayokkha Japan

Similarly, Kabita Rai has been selected as the treasurer of the working committee, Basan Puma Rai as co-treasurer, youth and student coordinator: Bhavindra Rai, and Vishal Rai as Sakela and cultural coordinator. Also among the members: Manihang Rai, Prince Rai, Sushmita Rai, Prabin Kirat Rai, Nissan Rai, Santosh Rai, Som Rai, Neelam Rai have been selected. Similarly, the working committee has selected 6 people as advisors.

The full details of the Working Committee held on 2022/03/27 of Kirat Rai Yaokkha Japan's fifth session are mentioned below.

Members of the Guardian Committee

Mr. Sukra Rai

Founder Chairman

Mr. Raj Kumar Rai (Prince)


List of officers and members of the executive committee

Mr. Binod Rai (Enuhang)


Mr. Dipen Rai

vice president

Mrs. Pramila Rai

Vice president

Mr. Sudan Rai

General Secretary 

Mrs. Rajanti Sampagan Rai

Mr. Gagan Gagan Rai


Mrs. Kabita Rai

Mr. Basan Puma Rai


Youth and student Co-ordinator

Mr. Bhaindra Rai

Mr. Bishal Rai

Sakela and Cultural Coordinator:

Mr. Manihang Rai

Mr. Manihang Rai

Mr. Prince Rai

Ms. Sushmita Rai


Mr. Prabin Kirat Rai

Er. Santosh Rai

Mr. Nisan Rai

Mr. Som Rai

Ms. Neelam Rai


Mr.Ramesh Rai

Mrs. Shusil Rai

Mr. Sanjeev Rai

Mr. Bikas Rai

Mr. Sachin Rai

Mr. Parag Rai

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