28 Sep

In a historic moment, Kirat Rai Yaokkha has achieved a unanimous election, marking the beginning of their presidency at the 11th National Congress of Nepal. Heartiest congratulations are extended to all the elected office bearers and central members, with special acknowledgment to President Mr. Jeevan Hatacho Rai. Best wishes are conveyed for a fruitful and successful tenure to the newly appointed team.

Key Appointments Include:

1.President: Jeevan Hatacho Rai

2.Co-Chairman: Gyanavahadur Rai

3.Co-Chairman: Tikasari Rai

4.Vice President: Teelak Prasad Rai

5.Vice President: Rakesh Rai

6.Vice President: Dewan Rai

7.Vice President: Dorpadhwaj Rai

8.Vice President: Janak Rai

9.Vice President: Sarbdhan Rai

10.Vice President: Yuvraj Rai

11.General Secretary: Bhimraj Rai

12.Deputy General Secretary: Hemant Kumar Rai

13.Deputy General Secretary: Arjun Jamneli Rai

14.Deputy General Secretary: Krishna Kumar Rai

15.Deputy General Secretary: Matrika Rai

16.Deputy Secretary General: Manju Sotang

17.Secretary: Nageschandra Rai

18.Secretary: Asmika Rai

19.Secretary: Parshuram Rai

20.Secretary: Minakumari Rai

21.Secretary: Raju N Rai

22.Secretary: Tara Rai

23.Secretary: Suman Rai

24.Treasurer: Parshuram Rai

25.Joint Treasurer: Chhila Rai

26.Co-Treasurer: Sushila Rai

27.Joint Treasurer: Ganesh Khaling Rai

Additional Members:

1.Pramila Rai

2.Ratnadevi Rai

3.Bhimavahadur Rai

4.Birsika Rai

5.Manbhagat Chamling

6.Anjani Kumar Rai

7.Homavahadur Rai

8.Hattiram Rai

9.Anjana Rai (Khotang)

10.Khadnkavahadur Rai

11.Narhang Rai

12.Roshan Bantawa

13.Ramchandra Rai

14.Jayakumar Rai

15.Kimanghang Rai

16.Manoj Rai

17.Indramaya Chamling Rai

18.Ramdhwaj Rai

19.Anjana Rai (Dhankuta)

20.Anjana Rai (Solukhumbu)

21.Vikas Rai

22.Rakesh Chamling Rai

23.Manikumar Rai

24.Sitakumari Rai

25.Deepak Rai

26.Kamala Rai

27.Dilip Sampang

28.Dekindra Kumar Rai

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